I can hardly express how excited I am. Since the launch of the RECUMBENT.news magazine itself, this has been the biggest task for me. I have been working on the recumbent catalog for almost a year, and it costs me not only a lot of money but also time and effort. At the moment, I am very proud I can show you the World Wide Recumbent Catalog. You can find there 176 models of recumbent trikes, two-wheelers, velomobiles, and quads from 30 brands. You can also filter among them using different criteria, and some models also have larger photo galleries and descriptions connected to them.

You may ask why some models do have colorful nicely visible photos, and some do include only black and white poorly visible ones. The reason is simple. As I have mentioned I have spent a lot of work on the catalog and need to fund it. Those companies having nice presentations have seen the value of such a catalog for the recumbent community and supported it ahead. So colorful images are my thanks for their support. I hope other companies will also support this idea sooner or later, and the catalog will become fully colorful for your use.

I want to mention too that some values in the filters are ranges and not exact values. Especially the Weight limit, so you should check the exact value on the manufacturer’s web page. Also, some, like suspension or motor, can have one or more values for one model.

I want to receive any feedback, preferably at contact@recumbent.news and in the comments under this article or on Facebook. I plan to improve the catalog in the future, and I need to know which criteria you would like to use for filtering. Also, if you find any mistakes, please, let me know.

So finally, go and check the catalog by yourself.