It is always great to see recumbent manufacturers and dealers improving their online presence and overall marketing activities. German manufacturer HASE BIKES just released their new web page and here is their related press release.

Easier to navigate, more stories, detailed product information: The brand-new website of specialized bicycle manufacturer HASE BIKES has gone live. 

A completely new website now opens at the well-known address A lot more than just the design has been changed. 

“The new website shows who we are and what we stand for,” said Christoph Stahl, who is responsible for HASE BIKES’ overall visual brand identity. “The focus is on customer proximity, product enjoyment, and shared experiences.”

To achieve this, the design team reorganized the content and made the site more user-friendly and exciting. The user’s journey no longer begins with numerous menu items, but instead with a mere three categories: 

“Your Stories” is a treasure trove of personal experiences with HASE BIKES, illustrating how they are used by various customers and fans for a wide range of purposes, e.g. as a car substitute, for competing in Iron Man events, and for therapy and adaptive cycling. Stahl: “We’re incredibly lucky to have such a large collection of touching and inspiring stories that our customers have shared with us and that we can put online little by little.

The section “Your Bikes and Trikes” is where product information can be found. “We’ve grouped our products into three logical categories: delta trikes, tandems, and kids’ trikes. This categorization is much easier to understand than long lists of various product names,” explained Christoph Stahl. The new filter function for trikes is particularly helpful for people who still don’t exactly know which model is right for them. The appropriate trike can be identified in just a few clicks. Then the various components of the user’s dream bike can be assembled in the configurator. Users who are only interested in learning more about the advantages of HASE BIKES can find concrete arguments for delta trikes or the semi-recumbent tandem PINO. 

The third category, “Our Company,” offers insight into HASE BIKES itself. It includes the company history, along with current projects and dates – and not only for HASE BIKES: Dealers now have the option of advertising their own events here as well. In addition, an appointment can be made for a personal consultation at the HASE BIKES headquarters in Waltrop, Germany. 

Users will also notice a few key features from the old site, like the downloads section and the retailer search, which can now be accessed with a single click from any page of the website. “We still sell our products exclusively through specialized dealers,” said Christoph Stahl. “This is why we’ve made it even easier to access our retailer list.”

The new HASE BIKES website is available in German, English, and French.