Once again, the Laidback Bike Report is here. The main topic will be the SPEZI, of course. Read what is awaiting you, and join us later today! We are all looking forward to meeting you, at least virtually.

We use the new 3D virtual walk through technology of Matterport to take a booth by booth “Best of…” tour with our expert panel of attendees of the real life Spezi 2023. Joining us today are our own Tray Bourgoyne, Recumbent.news’ Honza Galla, TerraCycle’s Pat Franz, Bent Revolution’s Tim Segard and my German velomobile pal Jascha Buettler. They each share their favorite or most interesting items seen as we saunter down each aisle of the show in 3D splendor. Thanks to https://matterport.com/ for this amazing new technology! We finish up with a sports report from Denny as he interviews the amazing Sandy Earl. She is the only recumbent rider scheduled for the upcoming Race Across America 2023.