Get ready for today’s Laidback Bike Report, a YouTube show that features recumbent bikes, trikes and velomobiles each month. Today, we’re talking about the very interesting Northern Light Motors 428, which I’ve written about before and which is one of a new breed of velomobiles. These are electrically powered, larger, more practical and their main aim is to move as many people as possible from cars to bikes, or more specifically to these velomobiles. To get you excited, I’ve added the first NLM 428 promo video below, as well as a short report from Reuters.

This post is another in a long series of Sunday videos that I’ve carefully selected for you.

And here’s the official invitation from Gary Salomon of Laidback Bike Report.

Graham Browne’s long career in digital design has included work with Jaguar, Dyson and Bentley. In the last few years his thoughts and efforts have turned to more low cost zero emission projects. By 2020 he had formed Northern Light Motors and developed a prototype light electric vehicle which has now gone into production in northern England. His intended market is more aimed at a cool and compelling car replacement than a screamingly fast racing machine. We talk to Graham about his company and ideas and then to our UK correspondent Barney Harle. Barney travelled to NLM headquarters, test rode the velo and regales us with his review.

Next up is a look at the German Varitrike. This unusual arm and leg powered front wheel drive trike showed up at Cycle-Con 2023 with owner Dave McHenry. We show you his fun demo in the parking lot followed by a more in depth interview with Varibike CEO Martin Kraiss.

Lastly, from our LBR Review Team, Nina Paley had a chance to ride the e-assisted Ti-Fly X 26. She assembled then tested the trike both on and off road around her central Illinois location. You will be entertained as well as educated by this wonderful segment.