It’s the first Sunday of the month again and with it an invitation to the Laidback Bike Report with Gary Solomon and lots of other interesting people. You can read the full invitation below.

If you’d like to watch more of our selection of Sunday videos, they’re here for you. There’s a lot of Laidback Bike Reports in there, but also some other interesting recumbent bits.

Invitation to today’s Laidback Bike Report:
Aussie Mark Doble read on BROL that some American velonauts were planning on being the first to cross Australia in a velomobile. This got his competitive and patriotic juices flowing and he thought “Screw you Yanks you’ll not be the first to do this in my country!!” So the planning began for an epic crossing of the continent “down under” in the Australian built Rotovelo. Next, our own Tray Bourgoyne and wife Lisa have been working hard on an in depth review of the just released new trike from HP Velotechnik known as the Delta Tx. You’ll see it on the trail, on the road and in Tray’s workshop. He details all the features and specs to let us know why this e-assisted trike might be best suited for you.