Already in the summer of this year, SON introduced its new headlight with high beam and charging function. However, they did so somewhat quietly, so many of you probably haven’t heard about this amazing new development.

Anticipated for a spring 2024 release, the new Edelux USB-FL headlight integrates charging electronics with a small buffer battery seamlessly into the headlight housing. This innovative setup allows for a power harvest of up to 10 Watts from the hub dynamo. Even while the light is in use, one can conveniently charge their smartphone by connecting it to the handlebar switch using the magnetic cable.

Key features of the Edelux USB-FL headlight include compatibility with common hub dynamos, a robust design, and advanced lighting technology based on the Edelux II. It delivers a bright low beam at 120 Lux and includes a high beam function. The integrated charging electronics and 1200 mAh battery contribute to its efficiency. The handlebar switch not only features a USB charging port (up to 7.5 W/1.5 A) but also incorporates status LEDs. Remarkably, the system allows for up to 10 Watts of power harvest from the hub dynamo, surpassing other conventional charging solutions in the market.

During the Bespoked event in Dresden, the latest iteration of their charging headlight with a high beam function, the Edelux USB-FL, was unveiled. Featuring a sleek black anodized housing, the magnetic connector has been fine-tuned by engineers for enhanced functionality, ensuring a secure connection for smartphones even during off-road driving. The ongoing development of the handlebar switch design is in progress, so everyone should stay tuned for updates.

I have to say that I like SON products. Compared to some competing brands like Supernova, their lights and dynamos may not be as fancy, but they are very durable, serviceable and really very well thought out. Plus, it’s also the only manufacturer of dynamos for recumbent trikes. I’ve had a SON dynamo on my bike for quite a few years now, and I’ve also ridden with an Edelux II light for quite a while. But then I was tempted by the high beam and charging option from another well known German brand, Busch und Müller. I still have their Lumotec Luxos-U light on my bike today. However, I used to have problems with charging, which was probably due to a leak into the USB socket. Busch und Müller also made partial design changes to avoid these problems and eventually discontinued production of this model. However, this may not have been due to these problems. Still, the SON’s magnetic connector solution is very promising and I am very much looking forward to testing this light.

Moreover, the whole project is all the more surprising because SON did not respond to customer calls to develop a similar light for quite some time, and then a few years ago showed a prototype dynamo at Eurobike that had a charging device right in its body. In the end, as you can see, SON took a fairly conventional route and we can hope that the Edelux USB-FL will indeed make it into production.