ICE trikes, one of the leading recumbent manufacturers based in Great Britain, normally offers a very limited selection of colors for their trikes, but every now and then they’ll either do a limited edition, like the one for the company’s 25th anniversary, or add a new color to the lineup. And that’s what’s happened now. For their ICE Sprint X sport trike, they’ve added a striking high-gloss red color to the lineup, which they call Passion Red. This will complement the classic Gunmetal Grey we’re already familiar with.

The other major change for the Sprint X is the addition of the Shimano Steps EP8 motor to the drivetrain lineup. And as ICE says, one of the fastest sport recumbent trikes has become even faster as a result. The EP8 system uses a powerful 250w electric motor with 85 Nm of torque paired with a 630 Wh battery. It is the first time they offer the EP8 on the Sprint X.

Let us know in the comments which color you like better. Whether you prefer grey or red!