Velomobile enthusiasts and newcomers alike, brace yourselves for a revolution in the world of velomobiles! just unveiled the Bülk 4 More, a groundbreaking addition designed to make velomobiles accessible to a wider audience without compromising on quality or performance.

Development started at the end of 2022 and was influenced by the war in Ukraine, high inflation, and the recession. The demand for high-priced velomobiles had declined and so the idea of a “people’s velomobile” was born. Affordable also for younger people and generally for more people: hence the name Bülk for More. As the model is called Bülk, it is no surprise that the designer is Jens Buckbesch. He stands not only behind the Bülk mk1, but together with Eggert Bülk also developed the world-famous Milan velomobile.


The 90/60 Philosophy: Redefining Value

At the heart of the Bülk 4 More lies the innovative 90/60 philosophy, aiming to retain 90% of the riding pleasure and functionality of premium velomobiles while slashing costs by 60%. This ambitious goal has driven the development process, resulting in a vehicle that’s not only affordable but also boasts impressive features and capabilities.


Features and Comparisons to Bülk MK1

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Bülk MK1, the Bülk 4 More inherits its aerodynamic design and modular expandability. While maintaining key elements, the 4 More introduces strategic modifications to reduce production costs without compromising performance. From materials to components, every aspect has been optimized to achieve the perfect balance of affordability and functionality.

Firstly, a shift from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) to glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GRP) significantly contributed to cost reduction. While maintaining structural integrity, this material substitution offered a more cost-effective alternative without compromising durability or performance.

Additionally, strategic modifications to the vehicle’s components and features played a pivotal role in driving down production costs. The adoption of a simplified lighting system, featuring only a STVO-approved plug for lights with brake light functionality, also decreased the price. Furthermore, the decision to forego paint finishes in favor of economical foiling not only reduced manufacturing expenses but also facilitated easier customization options for customers.

Structural enhancements such as aluminum front frames and mono swingarms, in lieu of carbon fiber counterparts, contributed to cost savings without sacrificing rigidity or stability. These alterations, coupled with simplified internal structures and enlarged service hatches, streamlined production processes and minimized assembly complexities.

Moreover, the open-wheel arches at the front not only enhance maneuverability in urban settings but also facilitate easier maintenance access. By incorporating customer-centric design improvements such as larger service hatches (mainly the front one is huge) and simplified maintenance procedures, the Bülk 4 More should be friendly for customers coming from outside the velomobile or even the bike community.


Unbeatable Price of the Bülk 4 More and Special Offer

In a move set to disrupt the current velomobile market a bit, the Bülk 4 More is priced at an astonishing €5499, which should be under $6000. This limited offer is, however, available only for the first 30 orders as a kind of introductory price. Such pricing offers an unparalleled opportunity for enthusiasts to own a high-quality velomobile at an unbeatable value. I hope that the price will remain similar in the future as well, as it would be a real game-changer.

More information about this new velomobile can be found on the website. Additionally, enthusiasts can expect to catch a glimpse of the Bülk 4 More at the upcoming SPEZI show at the end of the month.