The next in the Laidback Bike Report series will be broadcast today. Today’s episode will be mostly about my favourite topic, the new type of practical electric velomobiles, then about group rides and finally also about the Human Powered Vehicles World Championships in the UK. Read more about the program below.

The Elecy is a futuristic replacement for your current car. It uses sustainable materials with a modular design created to get you and a small passenger around town. This is all the brainchild of Tamara Ivancova an ambitious young aeronautical engineer from the UK who shares the details of her project and her plan to take her company called Amara Automotive to the next level. Do you ride your bent alone or with a group? Recumbent YouTuber Sylvia Halpern joins me to talk about some of the notable riding groups around the USA and to discuss the advantages of joining or even starting an impromptu riding group yourself. The World Human Powered Vehicle Championships are returning to the UK this August. Race director Barney Harle joins me to talk about previous year’s highlights and provide all the details of participating or spectating in this year’s event.