Although a bit late, here is a summary of all the different recumbent news, stories, and other interesting topics I came across in January.

Cover photo created by AI – an attempt to create recumbent or velomobile pictures

Retired teacher cycling across France delivering letters to loved ones by The Guardian

It started off as an unconventional way to chart an itinerary for a months-long, post-retirement cycling trip, with Vincent Berthelot offering to personally deliver letters across France and see where the whims of the writers would take him.

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British Cycling announced a new partnership with adaptive cycle manufacturer ICE Trikes, helping to support the growth of the Limitless disability and para-cycling programme and further widen access to the sport.

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Bacchetta Pronto E-Recumbents are Shipping now

The wait is finally over! The first short wheelbase recumbent with a fully integrated electric assist system is now available through your authorized Bacchetta dealer or shipped fully assembled to your door! Ride the most comfortable electric assist bike on the market – the Bacchetta Pronto

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Oliebollentocht 2023

Oliebollentocht is a traditional velomobile gathering in Netherlands and was organised on December 28 last year with 118 velombiles and their riders participating.

Why I’d Rather Ride My Recumbent Trike instead of My Diamond Frame Bike

Several reasons to ride a recumbent trike by Bobby Rogers.

What Are Velomobiles? An Introductory Guide to Pedal-Powered Speedsters by Momentum magazine

Momentum is a respected online magazine reporting mainly about urban transportation and other a bit unusual cycling activities like cargo, folding and recumbent riding. They have published an article about velomobiles in January.

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HP Velotechnik Delta TX introductory video in English and Delta TX as a mama taxi

Two videos by HP Velotechnik, both about the new Delta TX trike. One serious and one kinda funny.

ORTLIEB 2024 news

German Ortlieb is my favorite brand of bags and generaly a beloved piece of outdoor equipment. Although no longer producing recumbent bags, I really like their products and the new Back-Roller Plus seems very promising to me.