The story of one happy quad rider

Riding with some handicap can be challenging and also riding with your beloved dogs can be a smaller or bigger issue depending on the size of your dog. Katja from Germany has solved the issue with Pony4 quad and a custom-built box for dogs.

The Pony4 quad is now available

Pony4 is a recumbent quad developed in cooperation of three companies and produced in the Czech Republic. It has two versions. Short personal one and a 30 cm longer cargo one.

⭐️ New quad wil be produced in the Czech Republic

Stephane is the owner of Katanga factory producing the WAW velomobile. He is going to produce also a new quad called Pony4 together with two other German companies. I have asked him about WAW, Pony4 and also Velove Armadillo they partly produce.

EUROBIKE 2020: Pony4 quad

In addition to velomobiles a prototype of the new quad called Pony4 appeared at the German HPV club booth.