In several articles that I have already written, you have already read about the Pony4 quad created in collaboration of three experienced recumbent companies. They are Flevo and Velomo from Germany and the Czech Katanga.

Pony4 is a full-suspension quad, which aims to bring even greater stability and transport capacity to the world of cycling. It can make everyday life easier for many people and is intended not only for seniors, but also for mothers with children who need to carry a larger load, or for example owners of bigger dogs. Among them is Stefan Boving, the owner of Katanga, who thanks to Pony4 can travel with his two dogs.

The suspension solution for the front and rear wheels is the same as we know it from other Velomo trikes. That is, by means of transverse leaf springs. However, unlike the world-famous AZUB Ti-FLY, carbon is used instead of titanium.

The Pony4 has been on offer since December last year and is offered with a 12-speed Pinion C1.12 transmission in standard, but you can order it with both a hub and mid-drive Bafang motor at an additional cost. But none of these electrical assemblies is completely common. If you order a hub motor, it will not be located directly in the hub, but in the middle of the bike, where it will function as a mid-drive. It makes it easier and cheaper to install the motor than if it would be in the wheel itself, and at the same time it provides more torque. This arrangement is suitable for all who will not carry too heavy loads in too hilly terrain.

The second version is the mid-drive motor, which is standardly positioned on the cranks and is equipped with a 14-speed Rohloff transmission. However, the Rohloff is not placed in the rear wheel, but rather in the middle of the quad. This arrangement is suitable for really heavy loads in hilly terrain.

Another unique solution for the Pony4 is the variable length. You can have it in a short personal version and as a long truck, which is used to transport large cargo. The difference in length is 30 cm / 1 foot, but the cargo version is also designed to accommodate more weight. For example, using two rear dampers instead of one.

Recently, they have been working at Pony4 on a modification for transporting children in a plywood backbox. The first 3D renders look very promising so far.

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