recumbent tandem

HLOG: Torn Ukraine

Many of us think about Ukraine very often nowadays. Besides thinking about the current dramatic situation I also have memories of my two recumbent expeditions to this country. They are torn, but profound.

New generation of HASE PINO

HASE has introduced a new version of their extremely popular semi-recumbent tandem bike HASE PINO 2021 and it is worth your attention. Especially the new telescopic frame is more than interesting and very practical.

Back-to-back recumbent tandem trike

A video showing the back-to-back recumbent trike tandem riding. This one is from ICE trikes and they are not willing to build one more 🙂

Turner recumbent tandem

We have found pretty interesting picture of a recumbent tandem with two front wheels. It is...

Downhill on back to back tandem

There are not many videos which contains only one shot and are enough interesting so you stay watching them complete. But this one from FlevoMartin is so great that you will definetely see it from start to its finnish....