Battle Mountain is around the corner

The World Human Powered Speed Challenge will start this Sunday. After two years gap caused by the pandemic. Here is a summary of available information about the race.

🎥 The fastest bike on the planet: Eta

Do you want to know more about the fastest bike on the planet? Just look at the video describing the Eta streamliner. A bike that is capable of cutting the air by 139.45 km/h or if you want 86.65 mph!

🎥 The Fastest Bike in the World

Dennis Berckmoes, lead engineer of the Human Power Team from the University of Delft in the Netherlands, walk us through the preparation of the Velox4 streamliner.

Recumbent cartoons

Every time I visit ukrainean recumbent page called I am surprised by their...

Next two videos of streamliners

We have found next two pretty interesting videos about streamliners. The first one is a kind of introduction video of the european fastest bicycle which is owned and driven by Demajn Zabovnik (SLO). The other one is a little bit...

EIVIE introduction video

This is a beautiful video about Eivie streamliner, about 1 hour world record holder Demjan Zabovnik from Slovenia and about all the life around cycling for speed. more info on: