The World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2022 will be held September 11th – 17th, 2022 at Battle Mountain, Nevada.

Athletes from around the world will gather on State Route 305 outside Battle Mountain, Nevada in a quest to break the human-powered land speed record. The record currently stands at 89.59 mph (144,17 km/h). It was achieved by Canadian Todd Reichert in his ETA streamliner in 2016. So we have been 6 years without a new record ride and 2 years without the event itself. Due to COVID, of course.

SR 305 provides one of the straightest, smoothest, and most ideal road surfaces in the world for HPV records. The 4,619ft (1.408m) altitude road provides riders a 5 mile / 8 km acceleration zone, enabling them to reach their maximum velocity before being timed over a 200 meter distance. 

Let’s have a look at some interesting information. I have used the list of entrants from the IHPVA page and added as many links to social networks as I could find, plus links to team websites if any.

You should also pay attention to the great rundown of each team and their prospects by Jun Ngamo, who knows a lot about it.

And below the table is also a gallery with all the racing vehicles displayed and two nice videos. One in French and the second one from the Italian GCN YouTube Channel that perfectly shows all the engineering that goes into such machines. Even if many of you wouldn’t understand a word, it is fascinating to watch it. You can also watch the Laidback Bike Report from August in which Russell Bridge describes how he has built his racing streamliner.

PhoenixPolitecnico di TorinoAndrea GalloItalyMen’s Single Rider
TaurusXPolitecnico di TorinoMartina Stirano, Matilde VitilloItalyWomen’s Single Rider
CerberusPolitecnico di TorinoDiego ColombariItalyMen’s Arm Single Rider
Bike SeventySevenRussell BridgeUKMen’s Single Rider
University of Toronto Human Powered Vehicles Design Team
TITANUniversity of TorontoCalvin Moes & Bill KongToronto, CanadaMen’s Multiple Rider
WahooWahooLarry LemAdam HariLos Angeles CA USA / Sydney AustraliaMen’s Single Rider
Milan VelomobileBill Thornton, Helge HerrmannUSAMen’s Single Rider, Multitrack
London South Bank University
Aim93LSBULondon, UK
Team 60@60DF VelomobileDaniel Fenn / Intercity BikesPeter BorenstadtConcord, California, USAMen’s Single Rider, Multitrack
Annecy University Institute of TechnologyAltair 6François PervisAnnecy, FranceMen’s Single Rider
Team TeardropTeardropRobert Barnett & Alyssa MillerAlyssa MillerJunior Female Single Rider Multitrack, age 11 years or less
Official poster of the World Human Powered Speed Challenge 2022 in Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA