⭐️ Exclusive double-interview with winners of The Sun Trip 2021

After 11.000 km / 6,835 miles long race of solar bikes through huge part of the Europe they finished with just 3 hours of difference. 3 hours after 33 days! What a battle! They both gave their best into The Sun Trip 2021 and the interview uncover many interesting details.

The final battle

Follow the drama of two velomobiles racing against each other in 10.000 km / 6,200 miles long Sun Trip Europe 2021. Till now, they keep an average daily covered distance of over 250 km / 155 miles.

🎥 Sunday video: Winter velomobile fun

There have appeared several velomobile videos in recent weeks and they are mostly fun or interesting. I have also chosen some older ones which I like and which you may know as well.

Solar velomobile from Alve

Look at the solar-powered Quattrovelo from Alve Henricson in my in-depth photo gallery. This is truly an amazing vehicle!

Is this the fastest velomobile?

People at, the legendary velomobile producer from Netherland, are almost ready with a new model of very fast velomobile called Snoek. It can be the faster production velomobile in the future.

Trailer for 18 velomobiles

Thanks to the reason that produce the shell for Strada in Slovakia now, they need to...