Many of you already know. Many don´t. There are not many informations about the new velomobile from most known velomobile producer – from Their new model´s name is Strada and one can hardly find any picture of it on internet. The idea is based on the Mango velomobile (produced in Ligfietsgarage Groningen now) which was developed and produced in few years ago. But Strada has 26″ rear wheel. Compare to Quest, Strada has open front wheels, it is shorter and it has bigger “smurf hat” – the bump behind the rider´s head.  And you can have it in any RAL color you want, which is not possble with Quest. As same as Quest, you got the Strada fully equipped for riding, with spare tube, service kit, lightweight pump, lights and a velomobile bag which fits inside next to the seat.

Thanks to the open from wheels and shorter wheel base Strada has shorter turning radius which makes it more usefull in cities and in case you need to turn on very small place. The cost of this advantage is worse aerodynamic and lower speed. But it seems to be a true velomobile from with perfect aerodynamic shape what makes it fast anyway.

We will come with some more news from soon. You can wait also a double interview with Allert Jacobs and Ymte Sijbrandij – two main guys from