It seems that still more and more posts will be informing about velomobiles and trikes, or trike fairings. There are not that many news in the classic two-wheel-recumbent world, but a lot of invention and work  have been done in the three-wheel part of the recumbent world.

VeloTilt is one of the good examples. A tilting velomobile can be a good solution to many velomobile problems. Especially if one want to use them in the city. They are usually too low, have usually huge turning radius and are mainly design with focus on speed than with focus on practical use in every day. Well, it is truth that using a standard velomobile can be quite easy in Holland, but in the rest of the world which is not flat and which has no smooth cycling paths everywhere, it is usualy a problem.

VeloTilt is definitely a nice machine with inspiration in Velox2, but still, there are some problems I see. Mainly that people want to use velomobiles in the bad weather and want to be fully covered inside. As you can see on the picture the window is pretty small especially on sides so your view is limited which is a big problem in the traffic. Also when it rains and it is dark, the drops stay on the window and you can hardly see anything. Especially when some lights come from opposite direction. You need to have a wiper. To have a wiper, you need a flat window made out of glass. It think this is a key factor.

Well, you can read a long article about the VeloTilt on