I can hear you shout: “Another new four-wheel velomobile?”. Yes! And once again, this is only a prototype shown by Akkurad Lohmeyer at the IAA Mobility show in München, Germany. The show is one of the world’s largest car exhibitions, which has changed its location from Frankfurt to München, Germany, just recently and which has also changed its strategy a bit. From being a pure car show (International Automobile Exhibition or in German an IAA – Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung), the show is about all different mobility solutions. Many bike companies exhibit their e-bikes or cargo bikes t there, which is great to see. Also, many light electric vehicles can be seen there, for example, at Akkurad Lohmeyer’s booth.

The company is known for electrifying bikes and velomobiles. It is now introducing several electric vehicles under the brand GallopE. The GallopeAC is a prototype of a four-wheel velomobile. Besides the fact it looks really cool from the front side, there is no other information available. I will try to get some more for you as soon as possible.

Back to the “Another new four-wheel velomobile?” cry. Yes, I know we all would like to see some really available. Still, I believe that this type of vehicle is getting some momentum and that we will see them coming into production one by one. The supply chain crisis in the bike industry may complicate it significantly. Still, I am sure at least some of the projects will make it to production.