All over the world today is a holiday of consumerism, with all the advertisements spouting exceptional shopping opportunities at extremely low prices. Many of us may even be waiting for this day in order to buy gifts for Christmas. But every now and then there are exceptions, such as Repair Week from Germany’s Ortlieb, which I wrote about last week, and which goes in exactly the opposite direction. Better to repair than buy a new thing.

There are no big discounts of 30 percent or more waiting for you in the recumbent world. However, the bike business has seen a slump in sales this year after a rich covid years, and combined with full warehouses, many brands are offering various promotions. Most of these are not just related to Black Friday, but rather to the autumn and winter seasons when sales are generally slower.

So let’s take a look together at where you can save today and in the coming days. The individual offers, which are not organised in any way, come from the Facebook pages and newsletters of the respective companies..


Terra Trike

We will be holding an online ONLY Black Friday sale next Friday, 11/24, and Monday 11/27. It’s a perfect opportunity to pick up that trike you’ve been looking at, or grab some gifts and accessories for that trike rider in your life!

Keep your eyes on this page and our website and keep a lookout for our discount code and details about the sale. Visit today to start making your list!

And although Terra Trike only offers its discounts for two days, certain dealers may keep various promotions and sales going for much longer. Like Jersey Bents, who have this written on their Facebook page: Jersey Bents, LLC will have a sale on TerraTrike trikes and accessories presently in stock. We’ll be offering 10% off trikes and 25% off accessories. This promotion will run from BLACK FRIDAY through NEW YEAR’S EVE. Please don’t miss out on these terrific holiday savings.


ICE trikes

OFFERS EXTENDED for 2023! Get a new trike with 3 great value special offers.

1️⃣ FREE 630Wh Battery and On-the-Road pack with e-assist trikes
2️⃣ FREE Shipping and On-the-Road pack on non-e-assist trikes
3️⃣ FREE On-the-Road pack when you buy an in-store trike from your local dealer

Don’t hang around. Visit for all the details and T&Cs. Available until Dec 31st 2023.



Although not really a Black Friday deal, we still offer a $1000/EUR discount on the older version of Shimano motors called Steps E6100. While this electric kit has a successor already, it is well proven and with 65Nm of torque it rivals many current motors including the popular Bosch Active Line Plus and others!

See our motor options here:



Lets keep this short and sweet! We are offering an amazing 25% off of everything on the Bacchetta Bikes website now through Monday, November 27th. Don’t wait! See here:



Our FIRE-ICE promotion is an excellent opportunity to electrify your Catrikes this winter with a new Bosch eKIT! Now, through the end of the year, eKITs are $200 off MSRP (Regular MSRP $3050 now $2850). The Catrike eKIT includes everything your dealer needs to turn your Catrike into a Bosch-powered eCAT! The eKIT combined with your Catrike delivers maximum efficiency, comfort and riding enjoyment. The efficient and versatile Active Line Plus electric assist provides dynamic performance – guaranteeing an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedaling resistance. It delivers active and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful assistance when you step on the pedals. In addition, the system’s multi-sensor technology and fast information processing ensure optimum interaction between you and your Catrike. The eKIT also includes the powerful SUPERNOVA light system to up your rides day or night. Find a dealer near you.


Velomobile World

Velomobile World offers 5% discount on all pre-configured, ready-to-be-shipped velomobiles you can find on their page here: They also offer a free shipping to the USA if you decide to purchase your velomobile, possibly a Bülk in their bulk shipment that should arrive to Minneapolis area in late April 2024. Read more here: