Tighter corona travel restrictions stop Eurobike 2020

Eurobike is the biggest bike show in the world with over 13 or 14 halls full of bikes and accessories. There are not so many recumbents there, but there are some. Unfornatenuly the show is canceled for this year.

The 2020 Recumbent Cycle-Con Has Been Cancelled

Press release from our friends organizing the RCC: Due to the uncertainties being caused by the Covid 19 crisis here in the U.S., as well as abroad, the 2020 Recumbent Cycle-Con scheduled for October 9-11 has been cancelled.

The Sun Trip is postponed to 2021

In 2018, The Sun Trip led up from France to Guangzhou, China, and this year it was supposed to follow the same 12,000 km long route. However, due to the current global crisis, the organizers had to postpone it for a full year.

Shimano patented a gearbox in the bike frame

Shimano patented a thirteen-speed gearbox in early 2019. Is it somehow interested for recumbent enthusiasts or is it something what doesn’t really make sense for our great bikes?

EUROBIKE 2020: Pony4 quad

In addition to velomobiles a prototype of the new quad called Pony4 appeared at the German HPV club booth.

⭐️ EUROBIKE 2020 – photo gallery

Eurobike is the world’s largest bike show and is held every year in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It has around 14 huge halls and its size is simply overwhelming.