Report from the Cycle-Con 2023

Dive into Cycle-Con 2023! This expo showcased the latest in recumbent biking. With perfect weather, extensive test tracks, and thrilling rides, it was a cycling enthusiast’s dream. Workshops, lectures, and a film festival added to the experience.

The Pony4 quad is now available

Pony4 is a recumbent quad developed in cooperation of three companies and produced in the Czech Republic. It has two versions. Short personal one and a 30 cm longer cargo one.

⭐️ New quad wil be produced in the Czech Republic

Stephane is the owner of Katanga factory producing the WAW velomobile. He is going to produce also a new quad called Pony4 together with two other German companies. I have asked him about WAW, Pony4 and also Velove Armadillo they partly produce.

EUROBIKE 2020: Pony4 quad

In addition to velomobiles a prototype of the new quad called Pony4 appeared at the German HPV club booth.

Monster electric quad from Russia

Quad homebuilt by Alex Reahin Russia. All four wheels are 26″, left rear wheel is powered by man power and the right one has an engine.

really fat tyres

On the web page of Trisled we have found an interesting picture of the work bike built as a...