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HASE’s recumbent accessory news for 2022 [UPDATED]

HASE BIKES has introduced several new accessories for the following year. The most admirable is their fully adjustable headrest, mainly because the word “fully” means more “fully” than you would expect.

Recumbent catalog is live and has 176 entries

I want to present you with a World Wide Recumbent Catalog filled with 176 recumbents, trikes, quads, and velomobiles from 30 manufacturers. You can filter in it and find the best bike for yourself.

🎥 Sunday video: Family Trike Adventure

It is great to see young people riding recumbents, families with their kids, or strong athletes pushing limits. It is great to read their stories and watch videos. Here is a set of three from Serbia. Enjoy the Family Trike Adventure of the Kiss family!

Shimano patented a gearbox in the bike frame

Shimano patented a thirteen-speed gearbox in early 2019. Is it somehow interested for recumbent enthusiasts or is it something what doesn’t really make sense for our great bikes?