January 2024 recumbent summary

Although a bit late, here is a summary of all the different recumbent news, stories, and other interesting topics I came across in January.

Shimano patented a gearbox in the bike frame

Shimano patented a thirteen-speed gearbox in early 2019. Is it somehow interested for recumbent enthusiasts or is it something what doesn’t really make sense for our great bikes?

EUROBIKE 2020: smart helmets

But this year, in my opinion, there was a turning point. There were a lot of smart devices. Among others the smart helmets.

⭐️ EUROBIKE 2020 – photo gallery

Eurobike is the world’s largest bike show and is held every year in Friedrichshafen, Germany. It has around 14 huge halls and its size is simply overwhelming.

🎥 How are recumbents manufactured?

Let’s have a look into the factories. How are the recumbent bikes produced? And where? Here are a couple of videos from different companies and their production.

Two-wheeler or trike?

This might be the first question for many of you planning to purchase a recumbent cycle. Let’s mention just the major advantages of both types now.