Terra Cycle

Report from the Cycle-Con 2023

Dive into Cycle-Con 2023! This expo showcased the latest in recumbent biking. With perfect weather, extensive test tracks, and thrilling rides, it was a cycling enthusiast’s dream. Workshops, lectures, and a film festival added to the experience.

2021 in review: TerraCycle

Recumbent manufacturers and accessories producers had a hard time in 2021 dealing with a collapsing supply chain while the demand was somewhat extreme. How about TerraCycle?

1999 Crystal Engineering Festina restoration

Restoration of an amazing little dual 20″ recumbent lowracer which is nearly 20 years old as Zach Kaplan of Zach Kaplan Cycles acquired it in June 1999. It was designed and sold by Peter Ross with the frame being brazed under contract by Chris Parker in the early days of Inspired Cycle Engineering.