Recumbent Black Friday

Recumbent bikes are products with a relatively high price and value, which are rarely bought spontaneously, and are usually used by their owners for many years. That’s why you won’t find too many discounts that apply to them. But since it’s Black Friday today, we’ve at least got some deals that might interest you.

Catrike has increased prices by 200 USD

Catrike has announced an increase in prices today due to higher costs for transportation and materials. The reason is the pandemic, of course, and the sharp rise of components’ prices.

Catrike Eola discontinued

The entry-level Catrike called Eola has been discontinued due to overall high demand and a need for more production capacity for other Catrike models.

YAB: Marvin’s blue Gargamel

Marvin’s blue Catrike 700 is a first recumbent from the new series of posts called “Your Amazing Bike”. It has so many interesting details that we could hardly cover it all with him.

🎥 How are recumbents manufactured?

Let’s have a look into the factories. How are the recumbent bikes produced? And where? Here are a couple of videos from different companies and their production.