HP Velotechnik

2021 in review: HP Velotechnik

The most detailed article from this series. Heiko answered my questions in length and described many aspects of the production of recumbent bikes and trikes in difficult COVID time.

10 to 1: Gary Solomon is dreaming about self-steering recumbents

Gary Solomon is a recumbent influencer and a celebrity in a way. His Laidback Bike Report show is more than known. He and his team have also shown an amazing effort during this year’s pandemic in producing two virtual shows. The Bent Expo in Spring and the BentCon

HP announced ErgoMesh Seat Premium

HP Velotechnik just announced a new ultra-comfortable seat option for the 2021 season. It also ads other advantages like pockets or the ability to change the angle between the seat itself and the back.

Fiets and Wandelbeurs show in Netherlands

There is one show in the Netherlands where you can find quite some recumbents. It is called Fiets and Wandelbeurs and is held in Utrecht at the end of February. Thanks to the cooperation of four recumbents dealers with several manufacturers visitors can find a recumbent island there