Velodreamer is safe for now

One would hardly expect that the war in Ukraine would have any impact on the velomobile scene in the US. But in a way, it has. However, Alexey and his family are still safe and we can hope, pray and cross our fingers for the best.

Recumbent snowmobile

If you feel FAT recumbent trikes do have their own limitations in the snow, look at the new project coming from France. An electric snow bike with a recumbent riding position.

Top 10 articles of 2020

Let’s look together at the ten best articles of 2020. The ones that readers have read the most. You may not have noticed some and now you will be able to return to them.


We hear from all sides how challenging this year has been, how we have all had to limit ourselves in our activities, and that we are all looking forward to 2021. However, I like the opposite approach. Try to find the positive this year. And wish to have the next year even better.

The Great Divide MTB route on a recumbent

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is a 3,083.8 mi off-road bicycle touring route between Jasper, Canada, and Antelope Wells, New Mexico, USA. It is considered the longest mountain bike trail in the world. There haven’t been many people who attempted to ride it on a recumbent bike or trike, and Charlie Richman is most probably the first one to finish it unsupported on a recumbent two-wheeler.

Recumbent cartoons

Every time I visit ukrainean recumbent page called I am surprised by their...

Interesting off-road recumbent video

There are hundreds of recumbent videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe and on all other servers. But this one about recumbent off-road ride is interesting because of the way how it was taken. It was taken from horse! Look and...