Just as you could read about the 6 best videos of 2020 two days ago, I am giving you an opportunity to see 10 most read articles that appeared on RECUMBENT.news in the last year now. It’s not such a surprise to me that most of them are about velomobiles. It is definitely a category of recumbent machines that is very interesting and that attracts a lot of attention. There are also a lot of dreams around this category, several people try to start their velomobile project every year and inform the world about it. It is simply an interesting world of beautiful shapes.

So let’s get to it.

1st place: DYI plywood velomobile from Lithuania

2nd place: Is this the fastest velomobile?

3rd place: Everything you want to know about the 428

4th place: 18 recumbent accessories your should consider to have

5th place: Can we call it a velomobile?

6th place: Plywood velomobile from Slovakia

7th place: Predator trike

8th place: What is the best rear wheel size for a trike

9th place: Canyon velomobile

10th place: Great Divide on a recumbent