On the last day of 2021, I published a small statistic about the number of visitors to RECUMBENT.news last year. I now have the 10 most-read articles in the past year ready for you.

It is no surprise that there are articles among them that were the most popular in 2020. Including the winner. And it’s no surprise that a lot of them are about velomobiles. Nevertheless, it is a very interesting overview, and if you missed some of them, you have the opportunity to return to it now.

1st place:
DYI plywood velomobile from Lithuania

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NOTE: This article has almost 10 thousand views in total and is by far the most popular on RECUMBENT.news

2nd place:
Everything you want to know about the 428


3rd place:
18 recumbent accessories your should consider to have


4th place:
Trike steering explained & examples

Indirect tank steering on Greenspeed Aero
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NOTE: This is actually the best article published in 2021 and because it has been published on May 11th, its numbers are more than good.

5th place:
The ultimate tilting solar-powered serial hybrid delta trike


6th place:
What is the best rear wheel size for a trike


7th place:
Plywood velomobile from Slovakia


8th place:
Northern Light Motors unveiled prices of the iconic velomobile

9th place:
Four-wheel two-seater velomobile from Poland


10th place:
The latest masterpiece of a guitar builder