The Sun Trip

HLOG: Torn Ukraine

Many of us think about Ukraine very often nowadays. Besides thinking about the current dramatic situation I also have memories of my two recumbent expeditions to this country. They are torn, but profound.

⭐️ Exclusive double-interview with winners of The Sun Trip 2021

After 11.000 km / 6,835 miles long race of solar bikes through huge part of the Europe they finished with just 3 hours of difference. 3 hours after 33 days! What a battle! They both gave their best into The Sun Trip 2021 and the interview uncover many interesting details.

The final battle

Follow the drama of two velomobiles racing against each other in 10.000 km / 6,200 miles long Sun Trip Europe 2021. Till now, they keep an average daily covered distance of over 250 km / 155 miles.

The ultimate tilting solar-powered serial-hybrid delta trike

Extraordinary tilting trike built by the winner of The Sun Trip 2015 Bernard Cauquil for the next editions of the solar race. A masterpiece with many interesting solutions like hub motor used as a mid-drive which can recuperate even with Rohloff hub.

Sun Trip 2021 will be held in Europe only

Their latest news is that the next edition of The Sun Trip that should have happened in Summer 2020 and was postponed to 2021 won’t go from France to China, but will stay in Europe. More in the official statement from the organizers.

The Sun Trip is postponed to 2021

In 2018, The Sun Trip led up from France to Guangzhou, China, and this year it was supposed to follow the same 12,000 km long route. However, due to the current global crisis, the organizers had to postpone it for a full year.

⭐️ 9000 km between disease and health

At the age of 64, she was injured and went through a martyrdom of surgeries and illnesses that brought her to her knees. However, she wanted to get back on her feet and chose a long and lonely path. A journey through beautiful and wild Canada on a recumbent e-bike.