There are not so many bicycle shows where you can find recumbent presented in a reasonable way. Yes, of course, SPEZI and Recumbent Cycle-Con are almost purely recumbent shows, but even the Eurobike as the biggest bike show on the world has very few recumbent manufacturers as exhibitors. There is one show in the Netherlands where you can find quite some recumbents. It is called Fiets and Wandelbeurs and is held in Utrecht at the end of February. Thanks to the cooperation of four recumbent dealers (Abeona, ACE, Elan and Maia) with several manufacturers visitors can find a recumbent island there with many recumbents to see and many to test ride as well.

One of the greatest things on the show is the inner test area. It is about 1,5 kilometers / 1 mile long! And it is very enjoyable with curves, hills, different surfaces to test, etc.

This year, there were AZUB, Challenge, HASE, and HP Velotechnik presenting their bikes and trikes, so let’s have a look at a few photos.

HP Velotechnik, Challenge, and AZUB stands were in one place. HASE has its booth a few meters/feet away. All three major brands were very well represented with professional looking booths. Just Challenge had only two bikes in a space between AZUB and HP although Elan, the current owner of Challenge had its own booth presenting the Rohloff and Carbon Gates because they are the distributor of both brands in the Netherlands.

Most of the bikes presented were standard models, but Challenge brought a prototype of a Chamsin SL a carbon fiber highracer with weight as low as 9,9 kg / 22 lbs. It has also a carbon front fork and the seat. Available will be all necessary accessories like rack, lights or mudguards.

HASE introduced its new children trike Trets with lowered frame for easy getting on and off the trike and also all the other major models like the Kettwiesel and Trigo delta trikes or the Pino tandem.

AZUB and HP Velotechnik had their standard lineup displayed.

There was a streamliner on display in the foyer of the show. It was the one team from Technical University in Delft used during their attempts in Battle Mountain, Nevada. If you haven’t seen such a machine in person, it is more than interesting to have such a chance.