The new Dream Seat for AZUB trikes

ZUB has finally shown their new highly padded seat for their trikes. They were pretty late in introducing it, but it seems they have put a lot of thoughts and time into it and the first comments are very positive.

HLOG: Torn Ukraine

Many of us think about Ukraine very often nowadays. Besides thinking about the current dramatic situation I also have memories of my two recumbent expeditions to this country. They are torn, but profound.

AZUB news for 2021

AZUB has announced its news for 2021 just recently. The new EP8 together with a bigger Shimano battery is the biggest thing plus some great-looking new glitter colors!

🎥 Sunday video: Recumbent Rally in Czechia

The recumbent rally in Czechia was one of the few recumbent bike events that took place last year in the so-called off-line mode. Here is a video from this event with wonderful aerial shots.

Fiets and Wandelbeurs show in Netherlands

There is one show in the Netherlands where you can find quite some recumbents. It is called Fiets and Wandelbeurs and is held in Utrecht at the end of February. Thanks to the cooperation of four recumbents dealers with several manufacturers visitors can find a recumbent island there