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2021 in review: HASE BIKES

Even before coronavirus, they had a huge demand for their bikes at HASE. In the last year, the demand has skyrocketed. How did they deal with this in Waltrop, Germany, and what are they planning in the coming years?

HASE’s recumbent accessory news for 2022 [UPDATED]

HASE BIKES has introduced several new accessories for the following year. The most admirable is their fully adjustable headrest, mainly because the word “fully” means more “fully” than you would expect.

Greener Hase

It is great that recumbent companies begin to work on a better approach to the environment around us. Hase installed new green office ad also set up a cooperation with Zero Waste Your Life organization to optimize logistic and other impacts of their production.

New generation of HASE PINO

HASE has introduced a new version of their extremely popular semi-recumbent tandem bike HASE PINO 2021 and it is worth your attention. Especially the new telescopic frame is more than interesting and very practical.