ICE trikes

10 to 1: Gary Solomon is dreaming about self-steering recumbents

Gary Solomon is a recumbent influencer and a celebrity in a way. His Laidback Bike Report show is more than known. He and his team have also shown an amazing effort during this year’s pandemic in producing two virtual shows. The Bent Expo in Spring and the BentCon

Summer edition from ICE trikes

Guys from ICE trikes have prepared four Summer Edition Adventure models for you. The 20″ Rear Suspension and 20″ Rigid version of their standard Adventure and the same for the Adventure HD. Here is their announcement.

ICE just introduced the new Ultimate Collection

The UK brand from Cornwall, ICE trikes, just introduced their new line of trikes with the very best componentry they can offer. Compare to Fast Track trikes they have introduced last year and which are build as bestsellers, the Ultimate Collection targets riders who want the top-line specification and only the best is good enough for them.

🎥 How are recumbents manufactured?

Let’s have a look into the factories. How are the recumbent bikes produced? And where? Here are a couple of videos from different companies and their production.