recumbent trike

🎥 Sunday video: Steam-powered trike

Watch this interesting video of a delta trike powered by steam-powered engine. It comes from Brasil. Is this a solution to a gas-price crisis we see now?

New Terra Trike E.V.O. with Bosch Performance Cruise motor

Terra Trike has just released the first information about their new version of the popular E.V.O. model with Bosch e-assist. The trike has Performance Line Cruise motor, Kiox display, 400 Wh battery, and range of around 40 miles.

The final battle

Follow the drama of two velomobiles racing against each other in 10.000 km / 6,200 miles long Sun Trip Europe 2021. Till now, they keep an average daily covered distance of over 250 km / 155 miles.

The story of Trisled Gizmo

The is the history of one recumbent model told by his creator Ben Goodall. The Gizmo is an all 20″ wheel trike with a separable frame built by Trisled in Australia.